Core 2 quad random temps?


Iv got an intel core 2 quad Q8200 running OC'ed by 15%, via the asus jumperfree OC bios setting stuff.
im running that cpu on an asus P5KPL/1600

Acording to Cupid HWmoniter Core0 is at 39degres C, Core1 is at 31degres C, Core2 is at 32degres C and core3 is at 34Degres C

Is Core0 Ok? under load they all even out at about 39/41degrees C.
Im just a bit..."oooerrrrr" about it idleing up there near the 40's, just seems odd to me

Stupid question, but using the asus OC'ing stuff, it does OC the hole board....not just one of the 4 logical cores right?
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  1. Your overclocking your "WHOLE" (not hole) cpu, not just one core.

    Your temps are perfectly normal. Some cores get more load, therefore they run hotter than less loaded cores.
  2. sorry about my grammer. It's abit rubbish. and thanks, i put it down to core0 getting more of a load and the other 3 not being used so thanks for clearing that up for meh
  3. Well even if all 4 are being used, some may be used more than others, therefore the temp difference.
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