9800GT vs 2 HD2600 Pros

So, currently I have a 9800GT in my system. My motherboard can do Crossfire, so obviously I have to go to ATI or replace my mobo or stick with what I got.
Question is, am I better served by my (1) 9800GT or buy (2) HD2600 Pro HyperMemory cards ($60 for both) and put them into Crossfire. Would I see an improvement? Or should I just stick with my (1) 9800GT until I upgrade my mo-board to something that can do nVidia SLi? The Hierarchy Chart rates the 9800 on par with 4830's or 5670's and the 2600's on par with 6800/8600's.

Thanks in advance...
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  1. stick with what you have and save up for a better card. no point in spending money on "old" PC tech.
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    the 2600's are pretty weak by today's standards, even crossfired. I would definitely save up and go for a GTX 260 or 5850 or above to see a noticeable improvement.
  3. Thanks guys, appreciate the input. My 9800 is safe and sound tucked away nicely in my box, and there it shall stay!!
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