How can i tell if i have a pci express slot

i want to upgrade my graphic card , i have 3 options , 250 gtx , 9800 gt and 240 gtx , i want the best value for money ,, also i like the 9800 but how can i tell if i have what it takes to run it ,, thanks
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  1. If you jump into your motherboards BIOS, there should be no options for AGP setup; alternatively, open the case and read the silkscreening on your MB slots....; or go the the MB manufacturers website.

    WHat is your current graphics card?
  2. genrally a PCI-E slot will have a sort of...Release mechanisum on the right hand side of the slot...either a pull/push leaver or a pull/push pin sort of thing.

    Or like mdd1963 said, try the mobos website or google the mobo + specs

    E.G. Asus p5KPL/1600 Spec

    usually gets you some resualts for about 1 minute of work =D
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