Great deal on AMD cpu Quad

Although I'm not a huge fan of Tigerdirect and their pricing games, this is a 2nd time I have seen this deal appear for the AMD 940 Quad and its hard to pass up:

I picked up 2 of these the last time they were this price. You can't go wrong at this price! :bounce:
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  1. Correction, this is the 920 @ 2.8. Still a sweet deal...
  2. Was this what you were trying to show?

    I'd pay the 4.99 shipping to get the 940. I think thats the one I got last time. Great deal...
  3. Lol, I did the same thing you did. It doesnt work. For those that are confused. Type in 940 and hit search...
  4. The better buy is when I got this 940 CPU open box for $67 plus shipping, For a total of $72. Check out my New Egg review.
  5. Thats awesome. I had picked up an Athlon II 930 for 70 bucks on ebay. It came damaged and the seller refunded 40.00 and I straightened the pins and kept going...
  6. Good Deal!
  7. They were actually bent pretty badly. I had to straighten a little over a dozen pins in which some were slightly bent on one end of the cpu to the other end that was bent between 15~20 degrees.

    I figured it would probably work after straightening but in the back of my mind I was a little concerned, lol.
  8. going the AMD processor route is never a "good" deal. sorry.
  9. general r2 said:
    going the AMD processor route is never a "good" deal. sorry.

    Please spare the fanboy comments. I'm no fanboy as I have had Intel and AMD cpus and were very pleased the entire time I had both. Theres a good deal to be had on both camps bro, sorry.

    I'm not going to allow this thread to be turned into an Intel vs AMD segment. It's not at all the reason I posted this thread...
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