Which is better for gaming i3 1 gig video card or i5 512 mb video card?

Hello, im not really techy kind of guy i just want to know if an i3 with a 1 gig video card will work better for games as opposed to an i5 with a 512m video card. Thank you
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  1. Depends on what card and which i3.
  2. i5 - 460M with 512MB ATI Mobility Radeon
    i3 - 540 with 1 gig ATI Mobility Radeon
    this is for a laptop thanks
  3. I think it would be easier if you post a link of the two laptops or list full system specs for each. There are a lot of factors that will determine which laptop is faster.
  4. uhm.. everything else is the same its just those two that are different. i dont have a link or anything cause i just got it form a brochure sorry. but everything else is the same.
  5. Your gpu makes more difference than your cpu for gaming.

    Go to benchmark.net and find out which has the best graphics performance.

    On a side note, I just bought my brother the below laptop which is awesome at gaming. Quad core processor, dedicated video HD5650, etc. Check it out cause it performed better than any i3 laptop I've seen...

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