Having a problem is it my psu?

i built this computer myself.
the powersupply was a friends. and they said it was dead..
i like to repair electronics so i took it and replaced the bad capaciators inside it. and have been useing it sence..
this is a 500w psu.

the 12v rail is actually running at 12.75v and sometimes jumps up to 12.82. and that is as high as i have seen it..
im not sure if this is ok or not..
when i test the psu out of the computer case it reads closer to 12.4v

my 5v rail is at 5.19-5.22v
my 3v rail is at 3.43v

now my computer doesent run hot. and it seems pretty stable when i am playing a game..
i play painkiller and age3 for hours on end and dont have any problems...

but if i am useing internet explorer sometimes my computer freezes..
this also happens when i am playing starcraft online..
when playing farcry2 sometimes it will freeze for about 40seconds than i will suddenly be back at the desktop.

i am running win7 64.
my motherboard is a Asus M2N Sli Deluxe
AMD64 X2 5000+ @2.6Ghz
4x 1Gb DDR2-800
nvidia 9600gt
running 4 hardisks.

are these PSU voltages too much?

is this PSU dangerious for my hardware?
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  1. Sounds like an internet connection problem if it freezes while online.

    What is the make and model of the psu you are using?
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    a power supply may not cause system freezes - it will cause reboots, or shut down in case of detected over voltages.

    On this URL, way down on the page you will see a table that gives minimum and maximum tolerance values for the voltages. Your voltages seem fine as long as they are staying within the range and not overheating.
  3. my powersupply is Aspire brand model ATX-AS500W

    also i think i should mention that it very very rarely freezes while simply useing internet explorer
    it typically does it more often in certain games.
    like starcraft, ut2007,
  4. From a store, you can always buy a new power supply, test it, if it solves the problem, you know what to do. If it does not, you know what to do.
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