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Hey people!

My hard drive recently died so I have ordered 2 new ones. One is an SSD (60GB) which I will be using for windows 8 and the other is a 1TB hard drive for my games, movies, music and so on. I am very new to having 2 hard drives because this is my first time. So im thinking i will do this: insert both of my new drives in my computer, then put in windows 8 cd and install it to the SSD (which should be in AHCI?). Once I get into my computer I will start reinstalling all my stuff to my normal HD. My question is do I need to set the drives to RAID mode? Or is it unneccesary? And if I do need to set it to RAID can you provide step by step instructions because like I said i've never done this before.

Also, my SSD will come with software (installation I think), do I install the software from the bios screen before windows 8 or after?

And last question, on my old HDD I had a big amount of games (most on stem so no problem) but I had flight simulator X which uses an activation key so im worried that i wont be able to reinstall it.

Thanks a lot for your help!
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