~$1000 Budget Gaming System

I have been planning out my next computer for several months and saving up some money. It's almost time to buy it and wanted to get some opinions before I followed through.

My wishlist can be found here: Wishlist

A few things before I get some feedback. I really love the case so it would be very hard to convince me to change it. I have been a nVidia fanboy for as long as I've been using computers and have decided to give ATI a try since theirs cards tend to run cheaper than a similar nVidia product (more for the money). I chose AMD for the same reason... Intel can be pretty expensive.

What I'm looking to spend is anywhere around $1000. I want to get the most I can with that money and still have room to expand in the future, which is why I chose the case and the motherboard. I would like a motherboard with SATA6 and USB 3.0 and enough slots to run Crossfire or SLI in the future. I am open to any comments and suggestions. Thanks.
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    ^ Some suggestions -
    Checked for combos @newegg ?
    X4 955 + HD 5870

    Gigabyte 890GX + Corsair 4GB DDR3 - Even this board can do Crossfire no issues...

    For Crossfire, you would need more than a 600W PSU
    OCZ Fatality 750 + DVD

    HDD - For the same price, IMO this would be a better option
    Samsung F3 1TB

    Total - ~$1043 with the case that you have chosen...
    You can save even more if HD 5850 would suffice

    Total - ~$928
  2. Hard drive space has never really been an issue for me. To be honest I have survived all my computing years with no more than 140gb of space with the majority of that time only having 70gb. There was a few times where more space could have been great, but I have made due. The drive in my wish list is plenty of room for me and it's a SATA6 drive, the one you listed is SATA3.

    I found a website at one point in time when making this list and I was able to tell it all my hardware and it told me 600W would be enough even for Crossfire.

    The motherboard is another tricky one for me, in spite of the ASUS one in my list being a bit pricey, it has everything I would ever need. The onboard sound on it is great and I wouldn't need to buy a sound card. How is the onboard sound on the Mobo you listed? Also, the ASUS one can run crossfire in x16 vs x8 on the Gigabyte board. What is the performance difference between 2x8 and 2x16?

    I know I may sound a bit reluctant to change my list lol, but I assure you that I take all recommendations into consideration like the PSU + DVD Burner combo you listed.
  3. HDD - The Samsung F3 is generally faster in some cases and for the same price, you get more so why not ?
    As for the SATA 6 vs SATA 3 interface, there is no significant difference in performance between those 2 connectors for mechanical drives,...SATA 6 is advantageous only for SSDs as some SSDs easily saturate SATA3 speeds,...

    PSU - For HD 5830 or above Crossfire, atleast 650W, anything above will have some headroom left...

    Mobo - The one you have selected is an enthusiast mobo...If you are not into extreme overclocking or such, then I doubt you will paying more for the stuffs that wont be of any use to you...
    The onboard like is said is comparitively better but even the board thhat I have linked have HD audio and the onboard sound these days have improved a lot...

    And its your build, so its upto you to decide whether to go with my suggestions or not,...
  4. Since my last response I have been comparing more and more and you're right. I'm a newb when it comes to the really technical stuff which is why I came here. I appreciate your help. I am really considering your recommendations because it allows me to get a better gfx card, more power, and better ram.

    Judging by your response about the SATA interfaces I'm guessing that SATA6 is just a waste then? If that is the case, is there another board or combo you would recommend if SATA6 isn't a feature that I need?

    On a side note, I always wondered about having a SSD for the OS and using a standard HDD for everything else. Not quite sure how beneficial it is to do something like that.
  5. ^ Well SATA 6GB/s comes onboard with the current 8xx chipsets,...Also that mobo is pretty good...

    SSD - They still command some price premium, but if you are fine with it, then it would make a good addition to your build...When using SSDs as your boot drive, the OS boot times and the app load times are greatly reduced...
  6. 60Gb for just a OS, isn't that a bit much?
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  8. ^ Well a lot of data apart from the OS is stored onto the C drive...Also for the SSD to work in an efficient way, you need to keep atleast 20% free space on the drive...
  9. That makes sense, I may get one later on down the road. Thanks for all the help, I'm glad I came here and got your feedback and suggestions.
  10. ^ Good luck with your build...and read more reviews and guide that will make you comfortable with the choices...
  11. I decided to change case to the HAF X. I originally was left with a tossup between the two, but ended up choosing the ATCS because of the removable motherboard tray. I changed my mind because, sure the tray saves a lot of hassle and time, but it's not something I'd be doing a lot; not to mention it's a full size case and shouldn't be that hard to work in anyway. According to numerous reviews the HAF X has a little more ventilation. They're both great cases, but it just comes down to personal taste.
  12. ^ Have you decided which card you will be going with ?
    HAF X is no doubt a very good option, but even Mid Towers like CM HAF 922, CM Storm Sniper, Lian-Li K62 are spacious and offer very good airflow...So I would suggest you look at more cases before you make the purchase...
  13. I got a HAF 932 (HAF X Predecessor), and mark my mords - they are HUGE. Dont get one unless you want a huge case. Antec 300, Coolermaster Elite, bit more compact, but essentially good gaming cases.
  14. Size isn't really a problem for me and part of the reason why I want a large case is that I plan on doing liquid cooling in the future.

    I decided to go with the cheaper option and chose the Radeon HD 5850 bundle. It's not that far behind the 5870 and it's almost 4x better than my current 9800 GT card. The power difference doesn't seem worth the $100+ dollars.
  15. ^ If planning watercooling, then that case is a very good option...
    And as for the graphics card, the HD 5850 also is a very powerful card, so its fine...
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