GTX 275 BSOD on games closing

Hi guys, first post here.

I'm having a problem with my graphics card. It is an XFX triple X edition GTX275 and I am using it to power 2 x 24" monitors. I have had the card for around a year without any noticeable problems. However, during the past 2 weeks I have been getting BSOD on closing down of games or alt-tabbing during games. The card doesn't BSOD any other time or crash during game play but whenever I close down a game or alt tab out of a game (tried on CoD:MW2 and The Sims 3) It always blue screens. I have upgraded and installed new drivers with no affect. I have also ran Furmark stress test for 10 minutes and other than getting a bit hot (levelling at 102) it ran fine without BSOD. Anyone help me out on any idea what the problem is? The stop code is always 0x03b.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Try reinstalling drivers.
  2. I suggest that you clean the card and it could be overheating vram. Aslo check your core temps. The GT200A and B don't like going over 100c with out having issues.
  3. Thanks for your replys. I've reinstalled the drivers twice, once with Windows installing drivers for me and once getting the latest ones of the Nvidia site. I have also upgraded the bios on my motherboard. I cleaned my PC with compressed air when it first started crashing and there was a lot of dust in it but it didn't fix the problem. My temps when playing games don't usually go over 85, just the stress test it went over 100. It's only when they close down as well, not when playing them, which makes me think it might be a software issue but I'm not sure what could be causing it?
  4. I am not so sure that you got all the dust from out of the cooler yet but you need to run memtest to rule out the system ram and make sure nothing is overheating. Even a hot NB can crash any rig.
  5. If it was an overheating problem surely it would've crashed on the stress test when it went up to 104 rather than on the closing down of a game which was running 88?

    Il try and give it another clean tonight and I'm going to try it in a different machine next week to narrow it down to hardware or software.

    You definitely think the temperatures could cause the BSOD? Why would it only happen on closing a game down?
  6. Yes and it is quite common even in OEM machines. There is a LOT more to a machine than just meets the eye and software. I won't both to try to explain unless you have some understanding or background in electrical engineering.
  7. It's not an OEM machine and I built it myself around 18 months ago. I do have knowledge of hardware but thought if it was an over heating problem then it would occur when it got to certain temperatures. As I had it up to 103 without it crashing, I thought it might be a software issue as the only time it crashes is on alt-tabbing during a game or closing down a game. I would've thought if it was a hardware problem it would've crashed at random intervals on doing a variety of things. I have tried different graphics cards which work fine and tried different software and the only time it crashes is alt-tabbing out of a game or closing it down.
  8. Got a spare drive? If so do a fresh install on it and see if it occurs once again. Be sure to disconnect your main drive before this and any other drives.
  9. Just got home, cleaned the card again, reseated, reinstalled new drivers and even tried a different PCI-E slot. Loaded up one game, ran fine, played for about half an hour. Closed it down. It was fine. Loaded up a second game, played for about 10 minutes, closed it down, BSOD. Tried the first game again, played it fine, closed it down, BSOD. It's really starting to get to me now that it's only on closing a game down and I've no idea what could be causing it. If i uploaded any of the mini dumps would that give anymore info and aid you in assisting me anymore?
  10. OK lets try to rule out software being an issue. Do a fresh install on another drive and see if it crashes. If it does then there is a hardware issue.
  11. Solved?
  12. No not yet. I haven't got a spare HDD or had time to reinstall/take it to my friends as it's been a busy week in work. Looking for cheap ones on eBay as I'm guessing it's probably my card that's buggered :(
  13. ^ what OS are you using? if it's xp, make sure you have the latest updates, (.net 3.5 etc).

    however, from my experience, a bsod is most like caused by busted card.

    try installing "whocrashed". most of the time it identifies if its a hardware fault rather a software fault.
  14. I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Everything's up to date. As my old 8800 GT worked fine, I'm thinking you could be right about it being a hardware fault :( Sucks to be me I guess.
  15. ^ happens to best of us. you can RMA the card though, so there's nothing to worry about.

    and i'm against cleaning the card yourself, when i do RMA's, i usually send the card as is. preventing a very long argument with the tech and sparing yourself from a costly mistake.
  16. Have you run memtest to check your memory? BSOD is mostly memory related. It gets complicated as function of which location is affected.

    Game exist require a big change in memory usage. Games uses a lot of memory. When you close a game it free the memory. In the process the CPU has to go back to its normal task (desktop and other apps). Its possible that some of the location pointed by the stock-pointer generated an error that results to BSOD.

    Its possible that one of the memory degraded with time.

    This is not an un-usual situation.

    Check your memory before shipping out your video card.

    The 103 C temp on the 8800GT is high. What case do you have?
  17. Usually running games the GTX 275 runs at 85-88. When running the stress test it got to 103. The 8800 doesn't get too hot, not really checked it tho tbh but never had problems when it was my main card.

    If it was the memory though why would it work with my old card and only blue screen with my new card?
  18. Just ran memtest and there was no errors found.
  19. RMA the card then.
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