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Okay, first off im a self confessed PC noob. Im not a complete idiot but im far from knowing the ins and outs of the PC.

The other day i was cleaning out my PC and i decided to take the fan out to give it a better clean, stuck to the bottom was what i believe was the processor(small square with lots and lots of pins stuck out of the bottom). Anyway after i cleaned it all and put it back in it would start up then shut down automatically before anything had loaded. Ive tried taking both RAM modules out and trying them one by one to try and find out if it was the RAM, but even when i had tried both RAM modules in both of my slots separately the computer wouldnt stay on. So i came to the conclusion it is something to do with the CPU.

My motherboard is an m2n-mx se plus and from what ive read up its a pretty poor board. Im wanting to buy a new Motherboard and a new processor however i wouldnt know where to begin. Im looking for one that can handle graphics pretty well, look to play games like Black ops on Ultra etc (i know this is heavily reliant on graphics card)

Is there anything that the motherboard and the processor need in common in order for them to be compatible ?
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  1. If you turn your computer on and it does start but shuts down then your cpu is overheating.
  2. The thermal paste is still intact, the computer only starts for around 5 seconds and then shuts down , can it overheat in that amount of time ?
  3. have you OC? or you may have "bent" one of the CPU pins
  4. I have actually bent some pins , i straightened them up and one actually snapped, i thought that these where just a heatsink, but you know what they say, ignorance is bliss
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