MSI motherboard not booting BIOS

I have a MSI 890-fxa-gd70 mobo, today i was playing fifa11 on my computer when suddenly the screen turned black, and showed no signal. I opened the side panel while the power was on, and saw that the debugger panel was off (not displaying anything) all my system fans were running, i have a corsair H50 which was also working. The cpu phase lights were going on and off like hell (all of them). since then when ever i boot the same thing happens, i have tried clearing the CMOS by sorting pin 2 & 3 of the Jbat, nothing happens.

Anyone has any clue, i am totally upset about it and dont know what to do
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  1. pls reply, someone
  2. If it happened during a game, I'd say it's probably overheating of the CPU or GPU, and it keeps doing it because the component might still be overheating.
  3. PSU?
  4. no it happend when i was working in Ms Word. anyways have submitted the board to msi service centre. But before that when i tested it myself, without processor power the debugger shows FF but with processor power cord attached debugger pannel shows nothing, stays off.
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