Rampage 3 fan connectors?

So my motherboard just got here and i know i have to plug my cpu fan in to the cpu fan connector on the motherboard but what about these, 1 x PWR / 3 x Chassis / 3 x
Optional, what do i plug into them? I have a haf x case so can i plug the two 200mm fans on the top to the motherboard ? Or could i just plug in all the case fans to the power supply, i dont care if they run on full.
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  1. If you don't care if they are on full just plug them all into the psu. Plugging them into the motherboard will just let you monitor the speed not adjust it.
  2. For comments on the function of fan ports on mobos, see my post here:


    However, I'm not familiar with "optional" fan ports. Read your mobo manual about which ports can actually provide fan speed control based on measured temperatures. Also check one intriguing detail - there is a mention on the website of "external temperature sensors", suggesting you may be able to add or place temp sensors in particular locations in the case to guide some fan speed controller functions. This is different from the more common design that has ONE temp sensor built into the mobo for this purpose.
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