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My old hardrive is a seagate BARACUDA 7200.7 80Gbytes - model number 8T380011A & I AM Tryning to transfer my files and settings to BARRACUDA 120Gbyte internal hardrive of a Dell computer (WINDOWS XP)I need a serial cable BUT DON'T KNBOW WHICH ONE TO GET--I see on the old hardrive [4 large male pins] I see [6smaller pins] and [37 smaller pins] [encased} can i purchase this a stples ?? thanks for any help I am a novice but have some clue as to fix minor problems w/ my computer ...suzo
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  1. What your describing is a standard IDE connection, the easiest way, is to buy a cheapo IDE external drive enclosure, put the old drive in that and then connect it up via usb and transfer that way to new drive, or you could get a utility cd like Hirens and use the freeware tools to copy the old hdd complete disk structure on to the new hdd, no mucking around with importing files and settings and then when your happy, format the old drive and use as an external backup.
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