HD 5850 which one to choose???

Hi guys this will be my 1st self built pc. So please bare with me. I am trying to decide which ati 5850 I should get, I see about 4 or 5 different makes with slite differences so I am a little confused. Can someone help me? Forgot to mention PC is for mostly gaming and overclock is an option also. Thx for your time and help.

CPU. X4 965 BE
M/B. GA 890FX UD5
RAM. ???
PSU. Corsair 850tx
FAN. Noctua d15 or U12 not sure
GPU. ???
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  1. either xfx, asus or sapphire
  2. The sapphire says it is GDDR5 and the XFX says DDR5 is this important for gaming? My current card is a sapphire AGP :( I here the XFX is one of the better ones.
  3. Gigabyte seems to have really really good cooling (based on the new OCing article on Tom's main page)... mostly tho they're all the same. Reference models are guaranteed to allow over volting but they're getting hard to find. IMO the ASUS Direct CU is great, and their TOP version is really good (top binned GPUs)
  4. Get the Sapphire Toxic Edition it comes with vapor cooling technology and is also factory overclocked so you won't have to worry about unstable clock speeds.
  5. thx i have been checking the toxic. looks like it will be that one thx for the help
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