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I'm putting a system together this coming weekend and its going to be my first with an SSD. I want Windows 7 Ultimate on the SSD but i'm not sure what else should go there. This is a computer for my daughter who happens to be a gamer. I heard STEAM should be on the SSD but if if I do that, do that means all the STEAM games are going automatically to the SSD when you download a game? My HDD is a 600gb velociraptor. Should all the utilities be in the SSD?
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  1. OS, and some games)that you use the most) on the SSD. Everything else on the HDD. I haven't found many games that actually benefit from being on an ssd(except for load times). I use Steam Mover to move games I am currently playing onto the ssd for a month or so, and then move it back. If you install Steam to the SSD, then Steam will install all games on the SSD, so I wouldn't do this unless you only have a few games.

  2. Your Steam games are installed where you install steam, so yes your games will go onto your SSD which will take up space and could be costly for a large size drive. I would say get a 60Gb SSD install Windows 7, Anti-virus (Please be using a paid version, not free stuff), and a few other programs that doesn't store files (i.e. games etc) to it. Also you can get a second SSD as a cache for your Velociraptor to improve speeds etc. Hopefully others will give in some more input. :)
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