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My main Laptop is acting funny. My DVDrom drive isnt working and I can not do a system restore. It says the HD has Errors when I try. I have run the error correction and it freezes. I figure there is an issue somewhere so I wan't to back my data and programs etc up since I have so much that I dont have disks for and My settings are stored. My questions is what is best option to back up my data including my programs?> I would image the HD but I assume that any errors I have now will show again. I am using Vista On this system.
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  1. Backup, buy windows 7 (You will see the diff), ask a tech store or someone here on how to install windows and copy files over. :)
  2. your best option is indeed to image the harddrive to a file on another hard drive.

    Eassus makes a free version and Vista Pro and above I believe has it's own built-in version.
  3. first off depending on the errors on that hard drive you may have a bad back up where the programs or windows will fail. fastest back up will be with a usb hard drive and using norton ghost or drive copy program. if your cd-rom is bad where you cant burn anything the next step is using usb sticks. right now i would use a free online backup or cloud storage and upload your personal files.
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