Need help with advice on this build

I have a list of parts that I am considering:

1. 480GTX EVGA (i'll buy a second one later)

2. EVGA 3x SLI Motherboard seen here

3. I7 950

4. RAM DDR3 3 3gb sticks

5. PSU 850w Corsair

6. HD 1TB

7. Case: HAF


9. CPU cooler seen here

I am wondering if there are any better parts or/and if any of these parts are on sale anywhere or better parts that are on sale

Edit: Template

Approximate Purchase Date: in the next 2-4 months

Budget Range: ($1000 - 2000) Before / After Rebates

System Usage from Most to Least Important: (gaming, surfing the internet, 3d gaming)

Parts Not Required: ( keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS)

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: (NewEgg, Amazon, MicroCenter stores)

Country of Origin: (USA, California)

Parts Preferences: by brand or type (Best value)

Overclocking: Don't know how.

SLI or Crossfire: Yes/either

Monitor Resolution: (1920x1080 3d HDTV )

Additional Comments: (Rly want a good Gaming rig)
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  1. Fill this and paste it here, would give us better idea what you are looking for and your requirements...
  2. any help?
  3. CPU - Get the i7 from Microcenter in-store pick-up...

    Mobo - That EVGA is a good one, but check this board too...
    ASUS Sabertooth X58 - This comes with 5 Years warranty, also has very good features...

    RAM - I would suggest 6GB for a X58 setup|20-226-028^20-226-028-TS,20-231-304^20-231-304-TS,20-231-335^20-231-335-TS,20-145-286^20-145-286-TS

    Graphic card - I would suggest you not to get the GTX 480s...There are newer cards which will be launched by both ATI and Nvidia by this year-end, so get those...

    PSU - If going with Nvidia cards, stick with atleast 700W+ PSU - Preferably from Corsair/ XFX/ PCP&S/ Silverstone/ Seasonic/ CM Real Power or Silent PRO/ Antec TP series...

    SSD - If the budget allows, get a SSD for boot...|20-227-542^20-227-542-TS,20-226-151^20-226-151-TS,20-148-357^20-148-357-02%23,20-227-550^20-227-550-TS

    HDD - Samsung F3 1TB

    And as you will be buying parts after sometime, I would suggest you come back when you are ready to buy as we can suggest newegg combos, which would save good money...
  4. Thank you for the very good advice. I think I will buy an SSD after I build the computer. I am wondering when the next graphics cards will come out so I know when I should have a purchase date for my build.
  5. ^ ATI cards might be out this October, but not sure whether the 68xx or the 67xx series...
    As for the Nvidia cards, mostly in the mid or late Q4...
  6. would black friday specials apply to the other parts besides the graphics card?
  7. I need to build this immediately. My computer broke for good this morning.

    Can I get advice on parts? Like rebates and things
  8. ^ It would be good, if you come out with a build, that you think is good, we could improve upon it...Refer my above post...
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