Help me pick , case PSU and GPU please , ty

Hello , i am planning on buying three things : a new case with a good airflow and fans , a new gpu {5770], and a new psu,

My specs right now:

intel core 2 quad q8200 2.3ghz
4 gb ddr2
Nvidia gt220 low profile fan
some relativly small case , link : { google images }
some shitty 250 watter
dvd drive
multi card reader
westernt digi, 1tb

And an mcp73 motherboard, relatively small motherboard with dual channed ddr2 support, and socket core 2 quad .

Now , can you guys advise me a case that will have nice airflow , is not ouragesly expensive, looks good and supports my mobo?

can you also give me some advise on a ""good 450 watt psu"" it would be greatly appriciated , thank you in advance .
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  1. I trust the guy above. Good brands, good quality parts. I have the 600W modxstream and love it. I also used to own the antec 300 with my radeon 4850 that exhausted back into the case. Very nice.
    If you are into efficiency, this is a nice power supply. A good quality PSU should be able to handle your setup easily. You don't need a massive amount of wattage.

    Measures on full load furmark and prime95 my overclocked Athlon IIx4 3.2GHz and slightly overclocked 4850 topped out at drawing ~ 220W from the wall. Take into account efficiency of the modxstream, which I believe is 86% at the most, the computer is only drawing 190W.
  2. Cheers Enzo.

    I did think a lower powered psu would do but then looking at the prices it seemed the higher wattage was the way to go.

    I also own the Mod700 and the Antec 300 and can't fault them in any way.
  3. Yeah a good 500 watter is the way to go if you ever intend to upgrade that video card.
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