Socket 1156 Celeron G1101

Hey, Does anyone have benchmarks for the G1101? I have found more Xeons under £50 than this guy, does Intel still make this? :)
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  1. Nope. Is this an OEM processor? I've never seen it retail.

    Who is "this guy"?

    Of course they still make it, it was only released early this year and on socket 1156. But I have a feeling it might be OEM only. Lenovo seems to have a lot of them in their low end server products.
  2. This guy = G1101.

    I don't think its OEM but I cant really say, thanks for the tip :)
  3. CsG_kieran_2 said:
    This guy = G1101.

    Ohhh lol. :p

    Anyway, I did a search to see if I could find a review for it but I couldn't. I found a lot of reviews for G1101 based Lenovo Thinkservers though.

    Here's a couple pages on the CPU info though. Maybe you can estimate performance based on them.

    The specs of the chip seem in line some dual core icore based notebook processors. Unlike those though, the TDP is fairly high, for the performance.
  4. I doubt i could really find one of there lol but thanks for the time you put into this.
    Why its called a Celeron.. with 2MB L3cash who knows lol
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