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How difficult would it be for a Toms Hardware superbrain to invent a PSU calculator that actually works?

So many questions about "What PSU do I need?" and then some say this and others say the PSU calculators are inaccurate.

I don't know if this is possible but it would be great to have a feature like this that we could trust.
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  1. Actually, if you google PSU calculator you get one that actually works quite well

    The trick isnt knowing how much power the system is going to need, its knowing what PSU you need to give you that power for many years safely, thats what gets most people. If the PSU calculator says 460W, a 460W unit isnt likely to handle that system safely for more than a short while because few 460W units have all their power where you need it.
  2. I can't say I've tried that one, I've looked at the Asus, MSI and Antec ones but when you put everthing in it never seems to add up with what the manufacturers recommend.

    Then you look around for specific reviews on places like Guru and they give actual wattage of single and dual and thats nothing like the psu calculator.

    And on it goes....

    Just tried it on a setup and it came back with min 428 recommended 478 which is interesting. It also lists loads of cpu's.
    The MSI version recommends 455, so right in the middle.
  3. antec's and some others are actually based on extreme's code. its the best one i know of
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