G-Skill Ripjaws CL8 vs Crucial CL9 vs Kingston CL9

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  1. If those were my only choices, I'd go with the G.Skill.

    You would be happier overall if you were to get an 8GB (2x4GB) kit though. General usage will benefit, as will gaming. Multitasking will be faster and smoother, and with more headroom game levels will load quicker.
  2. thanks. is it b/c of the lower latency or just the brand? i wont be overclocking.
    plus do u think the heat spreaders will make it difficult to slot in a gtx 460 on a uATX board?
  3. The latency will make the G.Skill faster than the others.

    The RAM won't interfere with the graphics card on a well-designed Micro-ATX board. It will be very close though.
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