E-sata problems with Windows 8

Thanks in advanced for any help!

I'm running a new install of Windows 8 on my desktop. I have an asrock 970 extreme3 and I'm trying to connect to a probox 4 bay external enclosure using e-sata. On my previous Windows 7 install I couldn't get it to work either.

Device manager does not pick up the drives, disk manager doesn't, and my bios seems to pick it up once in a blue moon.

Now, this enclosure runs great on USB but not e-sata. When I plug it into e-sata the indicator lights on the front of the box just continuously blink with no pattern or break. All the way from POST until... Well it doesn't stop until I shut down. (This drive has external power by the way). My e-sata cord has never been used before I tried to use it on this enclosure so I don't think it's bad, however it could be because I've never tried a different cord (they're kinda spendy for me to buy a few just to trouble shoot).

This is the drive.
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  1. Quick update. Tried changing AHCI settings on my computer to no avail. Actually caused the blue screen of :(.
  2. My guess is your motherboard doesn't support port multiplier and the esata enclosure probably requires it.

    Also, AHCI needs to be enabled in your bios before installing the OS. If you try to switch it afterwards like you did, you will get the BSOD. Vista and 7 have a registry hack to switch from IDE to AHCI after the OS install. I do not know if it will work in win 8. You will need to google for it.
  3. Can you try a regular sata cable from inside your system or is the cable esata on both ends? If you can use a regular sata cable that would prove your esata cable is bad.
  4. @hawkeye: I used a fix on Microsofts knowledge base that was supposed to trouble shoot this problem AFTER installing Windows for Windows 8. I will look into see if it has port multiplier, but it's a fairly new mobo so I don't see why it wouldn't.

    @zbdc This esata port is external and permanent on my mobo. I'm not sure can you run a regular sata cable to the internal of your computer from an e-sata port? I didn't think you can.
  5. No, I meant use a regular SATA cable from your motherboard inside to the enclosure. If it works that way it would show either your esata port or cable is bad.
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