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Every so often just randomly (mainly while gaming) my pc will crash and get the BSOD. Does anyone know how to view the memory dump files or whats causing this? I know if you go to windows/mini dump you can see the memory dump files but how do you open and view them? Any help appreciated.

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  1. I believe there is proprietary software for these dmp files, but couldn't say for sure. Does the bsod stay on-screen long enough for you to see the specific error? Could try re-seating your CPU and RAM, see if that helps. I was having a similar issue, and fixed it by moving my OCZ RAM to the 2nd RAM bank on my MSI board.
  2. I remember it saying something like system service exception error or something..that's all I could really take in from the few seconds it was on. I will try moving my RAM like you suggested.

    Ty for the response :)
  3. You can locate any dumps by doing a search for *.dmp. in my experience BSOD's while gaming are usually video card driver related issues or over heating issues especially if you have been playing a while on a laptop. sometimes its a ram issue but not as likely. please post more information about your system specs.
  4. Not a problem. Give that a shot and let me know how it works out. Also, I did a quick search on viewing dmp files and here is a quick tutorial with links to the software:

  5. ^ cheers matey :)
    My system specs are an AMD Phenom II x4 965, 1x4GB corsair XMS3, Asus M4A89GTD pro, ATI 4890 (pretty sure it has latest drivers) and a coolermaster GX 550 watt PSU. I know how to find the DMP files, just not open and view them. I'm pretty sure I have adequate airflow in my case (Antec 300), so I don't think it's that hot. If it's my CPU overheating do you know any good AMD CPU temp viewers or whatever which I can view while gaming? I don't see why it would be my CPU but you never know..and I am using a stock cooler.
    cheers guys.
  6. * oh and I will try to work out what's causing the BSODs and post it here. Thanks for the link^
  7. I just use SpeedFan and AMD OverDrive to view temps. Not sure how accurate, but when gaming I run Speedfan and start the game, then alt-tab to SpeedFan to check temps. Might not be the best way, but it gives me an idea of my temps during load. I'm currently battling it out with my 955. Average temps have gone up quite a bit recently, and been trying to figure out why, despite my CM 690 case having some pretty decent air flow, and 7 case fans... and no OC... my point being that sometimes, in spite of our PC know-how, PCs can be a bit unpredictable. Let us know what you find.
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