Which drive should i use?

I have new Lenovo laptop.

I see two partitions. one is called windows8_OS with 700 gb free out of nearly 900.
the other is called Lenovo, and has just 25 GB or so.

generally I try to save my data on the non-windows partition, but I have a lot of data and it wont fit on the smaller partition.

any advice? just use the bigger partition? use partition utility?

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  1. My guess is that the lenovo partition is an OS recovery partition. You shouldn't be storing anything there other than perhaps some recovery programs.

  2. hi,

    yeah, i wont mess with the Lenovo partition.

    does it seem odd that the Windows partition is so big? it wasnt like that on my previous computers...

    well, for now im using the windows partition for data and backing up to an external drive.

  3. Don't confuse the windows OS partition with the Windows system partition or the lenovo recovery partition. They are 3 different things. The windows system partition is usually around 100Mb or so.
  4. here is a photo of the disk management graph..


    all kinds of partitions, but looks like my only real option is on the C: drive. I guess that's fine..just not used to mixing OS and data files...
  5. Wow, that is weird. It looks as if you have 2 recovery partitions. I'm not sure why unless one was put on there by lenovo and your backup software created a rescue partition... assuming you have backup software that does this. Partition D looks like a normal storage partition althought it's awful small.
  6. yeah, i have been kind of lazy about figuring out all those partitions.

    i dont have any backup software installed. i noticed some kind of "one press recovery" or "one button recovery" feature and maybe that is in addition to a normal windows recovery feature...

    well, ill check it out and report back..

    thanks for the feedback..
  7. spent some time on the Lenovo forums, and found that they really don't want us to change partition sizes. doing so causes their recovery utility to not work.

    so it looks like ill be keeping my data on the C drive together with windows, and just backing up regularly to an external hard drive. I could set up partitions as I like but would need to have another windows 8 re-install option, which is a project for another day.

    It's odd that Lenovo is not providing a proper place to store data. It's nice that I have 800 gb free, but why does it have to be right there next to the Windows system?
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