When most people upgrade GPUs do they take a big leap up?

the 4870 was my first real GPU. Its still a great card, but I'd pay a bit to upgrade it a little. I'd sell my 4870 of course.

Do people usually just go all the way when upgrading? For instance would you go up to a 5850 or 5870, or just take a smaller step and get a GTX275 or something?
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  1. Huh? If you're going to get a new card, get one that you system can handle and ones that is noticeably better than your old card and most importantly one that would perform up to your expectations.

    Going from a 4870 into a GTX275 is about 5fps, and unless you're making money from the swap, its like throwing money into a pit and getting something new.
  2. I normally upgrade when I can no longer run the newer games I want on my system, and normally make a decent upgrade that will last a few years. I'll retire my 8800gts as soon as the next installment of The Elder Scrolls is released.
  3. i only upgrade the video card when I can get 25%+ FPS increase, otherwise its not worth it.
  4. ok, just wanted to hear what people do. I think I'll just go all the way. I can probably sell mine and get a 5850 for about $120 or less out of pocket from what i seem them selling for.
  5. Make sure you need it first. No point in running a 5850 on your old 19" 1440x900 monitor.
  6. A nice factor when upgrading from the HD4870 to HD5850 is power efficiency, especially at idle. The difference is quite large, around 55-60w. If you leave your computer on all the time that is actually a few dollars a month on your power bill.
  7. I upgrade when necessary.

    Primary PC:
    I'll start with the GeForce 4200 Ti since I don't wanna go to far back in history.......

    1. nVidia GeForce 4200 Ti ==> Radeon 9200 - The 4200 Ti died, needed a cheap replace 'cause I was low on cash

    2. Radeon 9200 ==> Radeon 9800 Pro - Probably a year later.

    3. Radeon 9800 Pro ==> Radeon X1900XT - Finally upgraded PC. Switched from AGP to PCI-e.

    4. Radeon X1900XT ==> Radeon HD 5850 - X1900XT died.



    1. Radeon AIW 9600XT ==> nVidia GeForce 9600GT - Complete system upgrade
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