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ok i just bought an {arctic freezer 7 pro ver.2 } to cool my i7-950 better than the stock fan. my mobo is a dx58so and the fan fits fine and plugs right into the regular cpu.

the problem is, when i start the computer up, the fan spins for about 2 seconds and then stops and doesnt start again. im not sure if it's getting enough power and i dont want to mess with the bios and screw things up.

any help with this would be appreciated.
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  1. what PSU do you have?
    also have you made sure you PROPERLY installed it?
    make sure its properly seated and there are no wires loose.
  2. How are your temps? The fan might not spin after post if plugged into the cpu header and left on auto. Reason is the chip is cool at start up so the mobo doesn't spin the fan until it needs to cool the chip.
  3. If speedstep is on the cpu fan won't spin when the cpu is very cool^.

    If you leave the pc on or run something does the fan kick in, if so everything is working fine.

    If you do want to look in the bios and disable speedstep your fan should then spin constantly.
  4. thanks for the replies.

    speedstep is off, and yes everything is plugged in, that was the first thing i checked.

    i turned off the automatic fan control and it spins now. i guess it just wasn't getting hot enough to spin. i found that weird though since the cores were getting to 60 without the fan spinning. does the fan go with the cpu temp or the case temp?
  5. It shouldn't get anywhere near 60C before it starts spinning.

    It may be set up wrong in the bios, for general use speedstep is good to use.

    The fan control has different sensors for cpu, nb, graphics, case etc so they are all set independently.

    Check your fan control settings, you should be able to set it up nicely with speedstep.

    Try HWMonitor, Coretemp and Realtemp to check your temps.
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