Computer shut down.

Hello! Recently my computer stopped working. I can't get my computer to start, it wont power up. And Ive tested 3 different Power supplys. So i know thats not the problem. Also i have som LED lights on my motherboard, which indicates that it has power. What i cant figure out. What could cause my computer not to power up at all? If my motherboard shows light, could it still be broken? Not cool or fun buying a new motherboard, if its not the problem.

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  1. disconnect all drives, take out the memory and video card

    turn it on, do you get any BEEPs?
  2. I do get on beep indeed. But nothing more then that. What does that BEEP mean?
  3. add the memory and check again
  4. I did. Nothing checked both of them. But should i have gotten the comp to start without the Memory in? IF not. I need to get a test memory.
  5. did it still BEEP with the memory in?

    Next take the memory out and add the video card. Does it BEEP?
  6. It did beep with Memory and video card. Its more like a bzzing sound than a BEEP though. It looks like it tries to start, and the bzzing sound come and a great light tries to turn itself on(the power on light). I am suspicious that the motherboard might be broken :-(
  7. it could be the MOBO since you should get three distinct BEEPs as an error code when testing either memory or video card.
  8. last thing have you tried to reset the BIOS?
  9. Emerald said:
    last thing have you tried to reset the BIOS?

    Yes i have. By taking out the battery and switching the jumper from 1-2 to 3-2. How long i dont know. But not more then 10seconds i guess.

    Ive also changed the CMOS battery with 2 different battery.
  10. that should have reset the BIOS.

    running out of ideas
  11. I could upload a video on Youtube if you like. How i see it, it must be the motherboard.

    Ive gotten another motherboard with another CPU. And i got that one to start. But it shows no picture. And then i switched the CMOS battery with another and i resetted the bios. THere it was a red button and not a jumper. Anyhow, i got pictures twice! But i forgot to into bios and change and save settings. I tried to start up Windows, and it went black again. Getting frustrated on computers now :P
  12. so you actually can get into the BIOS?

    does the BIOS see the hard drive?

    do you see the Windows Logo at all?

    have you tried to get into Safe Mode?

    can you list your hardware? MOBO, Video card, PSU, memory, CPU
  13. No. I sorry you missunderstod me.

    Ive gotten another computer. Switched some parts over to that one, so it would be similiar to my computer. That computer i wrote about first. Wont start at all.

    But this one starts all the time. Just dont show any picture. You know, when you get picture. Your screen turns green. Mine is constant orange. I had picture earlier. But now i cant get it back :(
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