Sata 6G missing after bios update

Hey everyone,

I just bought an ASIs p8z68v pro mb and because I was having stability issues I updated the bios to 0606. The bios updated successfully but now it is not recognizing 2 of my Sata 6G ports(the navy blue ones). By not recognizing it is not showing up n the bios uefi

On a side note my chafan2 is plugged and working but after the update it is showing u in red in the uefi... Please help!

Many thanks :)
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  1. Those two ports should never have been showing up in the first place -- they are connected to the Marvell controller, and the BIOS should only have shown the six ports connected to the Intel controllers (two SATA3 and four SATA2).

    As for the fan, the new BIOS may have different settings now, and the fan may be spinning too slowly for the new settings or something.
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