My blu ray drive won't play Blu ray movies...>:(

I baught the LG CH10LS20.AUAU for my new computer hoping that it will act as an all in one package for reading and writing CDs, DVDs and best of all allow me to finally watch some Blu-ray movies. Unfortunately, when I actually baught my first blu ray movies I was very disappointed and some what angered to find that it just won't play. I'm using Windows 7 and it says something about "not recognising the format" or similar. I asked a friend and he said that I may need some special software specifically for reading Blu-rays on-top of already spending money on the player itself. I would assume that this "software" is similar to windows media player for CD and DVD formats. Now if I do need this software, was it supposed to be supplied with my player? or do I need to buy it seperately? And most importately, If I really do need to whip out some cash, is there a specific type of somftware that needs to be compatible with the brand and model of my Drive?

Heres the link:

Advice will, as always, be much appreciated.

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  1. Ok Win 7 was going to have native support for Blu Ray but this was canned when MS decided that it would push the price of Win 7 when most people haven't got Blu Ray in their PC. You do need specialist software and I would have thought that this would have come with the Drvie you bought. The one that came with mine is PowerDVD 8. Also for Blu Ray to work your Graphics Card and Monitor, OS and CPU need to compliant. Some Blu Ray disks demand a certain type of connection. For instance mine will play if it is attached to a non HD monitor only through a VGA cable depending on what type of disk. If your monitor is HD compliant then it should work through DVI to HDMI or HDMI. Its quite the drama and I think that Blu Ray suppliers are not helping themselves but there you have it.
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