I have DLink modem but opens TPLink configuration page

I have a D-Link ADSL Modem for about 1 month.when I bought it and opened configuration page it correctly opened configuration page for my D-Link modem.
But now whenever I enter in my browser it opens a configuration page for various modem brands(each time a different brand Like TPLink,Alfex,DLink) and even various models of that brand.
I guess it opens configuration page of other users of network!because I have never used modems shown in this page.

My modem is configured to user bridge connection.and my connection in windows is PPPOE.
what's the problem?
thanks in advance.
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  1. Do you have wireless security measures in place on your modem? Do you know if anyone else in the area has the same ssid? Things you should probably check

    If I had to guess, I'd say no one has security on their routers, neither does yours, they all by some fate have the same ssid and your computer is just jumping routers over and over and over. That's a rediculously outrageous idea and so unlikely to happen, but you never know.
  2. How do I know if anyone else has the same ssid?
    Does this problem cause security issues for my system?
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