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So I just purchased a Powercolor HD 4850, and realised that my computer's power supply is insufficient to run it. The requirements say that i need at least 450w, so I would like you to recommend me a cheap power supply that can run the graphics card without problems. Also, should I actually purchase a cheap power supply or save up for a quality one?
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  1. save up for a quality one like this one :
    500 watt psu
  2. OCZ is pretty good but there are better out there for around the same money. I would grab a Seasonic, Corsair, Antec, or Enermax.
  3. The Seasonic 520w is the one to get but the OCZ Mod is also a nice psu.
  4. If you are seriously strapped for cash, your system could run on this, but don't expect any room for upgrades:
  5. Which power supply do you have currently.? 450W is actually a measure of the total power required for your entire system including the video card.. A good 450W will be enough to handle an overclocked processor along with a single HD 5850..
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