I don't know what happened to my HDD!

I was downloading my file on the internet but I have something to do so I left my computer alone for quite a bit.
I came back and noticed my computer encounter an error or something.
After quite a long time, I somewhat made it bootable.
However, my other drive(I have 2) cannot be booted.
If I connect my second drive and boot up, it would make the Power LED blink(the computer also 'blink' on and off).
Please reply ASAP!
There are important files I need urgently!
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  1. The way i have read your question is:
    Drive 1 - bootable
    Drive 2 - bootable
    two different operating systems...booting independently? so... If you boot from your 1st drive, can you see the contents of the second drive?

    Or you have one OS drive (drive 1) and the second one is for data storage (drive 2)
    and when you plug in drive 2 your system fails to boot.
    In this case can you access the BIOS and see the drives? are the drivers powered up and can you feel/hear the disk spinning (n.b. this will not work for SSD)
  2. Drive 1 - OS
    Drive 2 - Storage(No OS at all)

    -Only Drive 1
    The system boot up with no problem.

    -With Drive 2
    I choose Drive 1 to boot first and it just hang at with no Windows Logo "Starting Windows"(Windows 7)

    Extra :
    My 4gb Kingston RAM also fail with Drive 2.
    Error is Base 64K memory failure and Gate A20 failure.
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