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Hello! I'm going to upgrade RAM on my old PC (2004) up to 2GB. My mb is Gigabyte GA8IPE1000G. The question is does it support high density RAM? I didn't find anything on this in the manual. Regards.
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  1. that is a really old mobo.
    all i can see is that it runs DDR1 RAM and thats about it, you may want to save your money for a new computer, not waste it on a REALLY old computer.
  2. I know, but the point is, that the owner doesn't use the computer much and thus satisfied with it. Only thing he wants is to upgrade RAM
  3. well... see if you can get some old DDR1 ram from ebay or something, the mobo only has 4 dimm slots so thats about 4 GB max
  4. That I already know. The question is whether this mobo supports high density modules
  5. i doubt it...
  6. How to check it?
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