Q9650 running slow - multiplier = 1x : Why ?

hi there,

i just sold my used Q9650 ( via eBay ) to someone and he is having trouble getting it to run properly:

it has been put into a Packard Bell machine with a VG300 M/B ( AMI BIOS version PBVG300.P0K )

CPU-Z shows the processor has been recognised ok, but is running with a Bus Speed of 333MHz ( Core speed = 333 , Multiplier = 1x ! ).

according to me the multiplier should be 9x giving a standard 3Ghz so it is no wonder the machine is running badly.

the person assures me that the BIOS is showing 333 / 9x.

i have never seen this situation before and am not sure how to approach diagnosing it: does anyone have any ideas ?

is it possible that the processor is faulty ( i would have expected it to run ok, or, not run at all ) or, is this likely to be some MB setting that needs to be tweaked ?

are there any sensible tests that can be carried out ?

FYI: i was running the processor at 3.1GHz successfully for 6 months, and then my machine died following a BIOS update fail so i cant test the chip myself; i tried putting my old E6600 in my machine, but it still wouldnt attempt to boot.

thanks in advance for any ideas.


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  1. You can't really be responsible for his MB/BIOS not properly recognizing/running with a given known good cpu...

    He will need to find out if his current BIOS is certified to run with the cpu....; if you want to help him research it, great...

    (Packard Bell? they still in business??)

    SUspect it is his problem, unfortunately....
  2. i know what you are saying but because i cant put my hand on my heart and say 'i know the processor is 100% ok': i didnt test it immediately before packing it, i feel obliged to at least try and find a solution, or at least a valid diagnosis.

    that mobo should be capable of running any 775 chip - certainly i've seen other peoples specs having that board / BIOS combo with a Q9300 or Q9450.

    i have learnt that he has re-installed windows which is not an encouraging start; hope it found all the chipset drivers etc.....
  3. sounds like a oem bios issue.
  4. rand_79 said:
    sounds like a oem bios issue.

    I agree. He might just need a new mobo and you can normally get LGA775 mobos for cheap.
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