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Hey I'm thinking of getting one of the Dell Studio XPS16 but unfortunately the only video card upgrade I can get is the the ATI 5730. How good is this card for RTS and some MMORPGs, in particular WoW and SCII?
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    Mobile video cards are generally less powerful than their desktop counterparts. Therefore, the Mobility HD 5730 would be less powerful than the desktop version of the HD 5730 (if it exists).

    If I had to guess the Mobility HD 5730 would be a little more powerful than the HD 5670. See following benchmarks:

    I would guess maybe 10% - 15% better performance at most. You should also realize those benchmarks are based on a PC with an Intel Core i7-975 Extreme Edition processor.
  2. Hello
    I agree with jaguarskx
    HD 5730M is comparable(actually a little slower) to desktop HD 5570
    So it should handle SC2 fine on medium settings
  3. Nice nice good to hear. Thanks for the help guys! I just wish Dell offered better cards
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