Computer won't boot in dual channel

I just got a new computer and the computer just keeps restarting if i have the ram in dual channel. It runs fine in single channel. The ram is the exact same(g.skill sniper 8gb 1.25v) and i'm using a z68-ud4-b3 motherboard. Does anyone have any idea why this would be the case?
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  1. try Tight and increase VDIM 1.5
  2. Sorry but i know very little about changing BIOS settings, could you elaborate on what tight and vdim settings do and how i would go about changing them?
  3. Install hybrid EFIBIOS from your cd motherboard, it simple and easy to find memory setting ( read guide your book ) I can't give elaborate perfectly. You must experiment it by self and don't overvolt too high .
    Gsniper very low vdim 1.25 maybe increase small.
  4. Just sample. Gsskill 1600mhz
    Stock: 1600MHz 9-9-9-24 @ 1.25v
    Tight: 1600MHz 8-9-8-25 @ 1.5v
  5. Hey, i haven't changed any of the settings in the bios because if it runs everything in single channel, shouldn't it run in just second channel also?

    I swapped the ram and it seems the whole 2nd channel doesn't work. I used one piece of ram at a time and tried all 4 slots and both slots in channel 1 works but neither did in channel two. Does this mean i have a faulty channel 2?

    Should i RMA the board?
  6. You must test it first use memtes86+ and test it one by one also try in different slot, you will know slot or ram stick had error , if slot ram or ram error you can RMA
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