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Hello All,
I am looking at doing an upgrade to my CPU and video card and wanted some feedback on the hardware I am looking at. I'm not a huge gamer but I do play a couple graphic intense games. I am looking for something that will over clock with ease. I've had trouble with my current CPU with over clocking. I do have a budget so this is the list I have considered choosing from.

1. CPU's: Intel Q9400 or possibly holding off and putting more money away for the Q9550
2. GPU's: EVGA GeForce GTS450 or GTS 450 SC 1GB DDR5

I currently am running:
Q9300 2.5GHZ was running at 3.0GHZ but became too unstable
EVGA GeForce GTS250 1GB DDR3
8GB DDR3 Patriot
MSI P43-C51 Skt 775 Mobo
ThermalTake 750W TR2 PSU
WD 1TB Black Edition SATA Hdd

Thanks in advance
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    Performance wise there is not a upgrade in the GTS450 from GTS250.,2734-7.html A GTX460 would be a upgrade.
    Your CPU upgrade is only viable because of the current CPU issues.
  2. I agree with Rolli59; If you upgrade your graphics card, jump a couple of tiers in capability. If you do not, you will not notice much difference, and be disappointed. That means a GTX470 class card.

    CPU chips differ in their ability to be overclocked. Yours may be one of those that are only average.
    How important is cpu power to what you do? When the 3.0 OC was working, did it make much of a difference?
    You might look on e-bay for a different chip which might OC better. Your Q9300 should fetch enough to offset much of the cost.

    That said, I think I would not invest in a pc that was near two generations old, and start saving up for "sandy bridge".
    It should launch in January.
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  4. Thanks for the advice guys....I'm going to hold off and wait to pick up an i5 or i7 which will give me more choices for video...
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