USB 3.0 Western Digital 30mb/s transfer speed

The Hard Drive model is WDBPCK0010BBK.

Motherboard: ASUS P8Z77-V

I am using the USB 3.0 cable on a working USB 3.0 port. All USB drivers are updated. But I still get a max speed of 30mb/s, this is copying files from computers onto hard drive and vice versa.

Please give any advice, solutions, tips.

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  1. Specs on Amazon say your drive should do this:

    *Based on transfer rates as high as 5 Gb/s with USB 3.0 vs. 480 mb/s with USB 2.0.

    You may have a defective drive.
  2. How long is the cable. Some seem to drop to USB2 speeds(that would be in the 30-40 range) when the cable is longer then 6 feet(maybe even less for other boards).

    Also, lots of small files tend to transfer slower then large files.
  3. Hi, thanks for replying. My cable is the one that came with the drive, about 30cm long. I'm transferring large continuous files about 10GB+

    Also, this hard drive is brand new.
  4. Well that is a good short cable. Are you on the front or rear ports?

    I ask this again, because USB 3 is on of those picky things.

    most 2.5 inch drives at 1tb should be good for at least 70-90 megabytes over at least the first half of the drive.

    I would recommend trying it on another system(and another cable if you can, i know not everyone has a cable to spare) if you can, just to rule out the drive it self or cable. USB 3 still seems to have some bugs to be worked out.
  5. I've tried both the front and rear ports (directly attached to motherboard).

    My case is the NZXT Phantom 820 if it helps.

    I have tried it on another computer and it still only reaches up to 30mb/s

    I will see if I can borrow another cable.

  6. CrystalDiskMark or HD tune are also good ways to see how fast a drive is running(it kind of removes windows file transfers from the equation), it is moves solid on HD Tune(30 from end to end), then yeah something in the interface is stopping it(most likely it is connecting as USB 2.0).

    The sequential test(even set to 1 run) should give you all the info you need.

    If you use HD Tune, you do not need the pro version for read tests, if you try the Pro version demo do not use the Write test as it will erase the drive.
  7. Hi, both tests gave me an average of around 30MB/s

    What could be going wrong?
  8. Either USB 3.0 is not working right on the board, be it a cable or driver issue OR the drive is just defective.

    To test that you at least need to be able to connect it to another computer with USB 3.0
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