HIS 5770 fan not running at all?


I succesfully put together my new system a few days ago, but now I'm having a serious problem: I noticed now that GPU fan is not spinning at all.

This causes the temps to rise for huge numbers when gaming, for example, near 100c and more.

What is the problem? Is there any software I can try and set that fan myself? Or is it the fan or GPU itself?

Also, if I get the fan working somehow, does the PSU "fight" for air with GPU? They both have intake fans against each other. Maybe I can flip the PSU around?

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  1. i dont think your psu fan will "fight" with the gpu over air. have you checked your fan connector is fitted properly? or maybe something is stuck and it's jamming it so it doesnt spin properly. i doubt its a software issue but CCC has an option to enable manual control, see if that works
  2. Fan can spin fine, no problems with that. I tried manual control but it wouldn't respond it. CCC says fan is spinning with 33%. So confused now.

    Im gonna check those cables again, card is connected to psu with an pci-e cable that came with psu. Cant see problems with that.

    Is it possible that the fan is not somehow getting power?
  3. UPDATE:

    This is getting really confusing. I tried cable that came with the GPU and fan started working just fine.

    Until I started gaming. After 20 minutes or so the fan stopped again, for no reason. Seems more and more that the culprit is GPU itself.

    Help is welcome..
  4. I have the same problem with my HIS HD 5770. The fan stops and starts at random, but seems meta-stable for just normal usage. I can't play any serious game.

    EDIT: Dear god I just realized I posted on an old topic when I searched for this post on google. SORRY.
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