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I have a HP Z800 Workstation with TWO onboard network adapters in it, one is a 10/100 and the other is an ATF (???) (The adapter itself is a BROADCOM NetXtreme Gigabit). Does anyone know if I can connect both of these to the same network to speed up network access, of is this just some sort of crazy dream I've had.

The network I am connecting to is a 100GBPS WIRED network. No wireless is involved ;)

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Darren :(
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  1. Surely this is just a crazy dream or everyone would do it.
  2. It is called bonding or teaming. It must be supported by the o/s kernel or NIC drivers. The current Linux kernel supports it and nVidia nForce drivers on boards with multiple nVidia NICs can do it.
  3. Teaming! Excellent, the BROADCOM NetXtreme Gigabit has an option in the control panel for that, I'll muck about with that then...

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