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Asus P5QC issue

I own the ASUS P5QC motherboard and I want to get some DDR3 RAM for it.

But upon inspecting the slots where the ram would go, I see that there are 6 slots, in which they are all different from each other. Can someone help explain to me what the different memory slots are on this board?

Also, please, a suggestion for 8 gigs (if we find out my mobo can fit 8gigs of ddr3) cheap good ram?
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    It has 6 slots because the board can take either DDR2 RAM (the two black slots) or DDR3 RAM (the 4 red and yellow slots).

    If you want 8 GB of DDR3, I suggest a 4 GB X 2 set. Check the Asus website for recommended RAM.
  2. Thank you for telling me about the black slots. :D
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  4. This is bad information by Circulate. I own this motherboard...the two "black slots" are for DDR3. The four other slots are for DDR2.

    This motherboard also has an issue supporting DDR3 RAM. My advice, stick to DDR2.
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