Did my hard drive kill my power supply?

Hi all, sorry in advance for the long post. I was putting together a new computer last nite. Had windows 7 64 bit successfully running on a new ssd. installed and updated all my drivers and the computer seemed to be running normal.

I powered it down, connected two hard drives from my last computer, both 3 year old sata 2 drives, one with a copy of vista 32 bit on it. powered back up and the usb logitech g9 laser mouse was dead, tried a old usb optical mouse, it would lite up but the cursor would not move. I could still navigate through windows with with my ps2 keyboard. Powered back down, disconnected the 2 hard drives i had just hooked up. powered back up and same symptoms. Dead usb mouse, functioning ps2 keyboard and win 7. Shut it down for the nite.

Got up this morninig, hit the power button, computer started booting then completly died. Pulled the power supply, corsair hx 750 and tested it per corsairs website, short the green and black wire and see if ps fan runs. does not. Has anyone ever encountered anything like this? I do not want to plug in a new power supply and have it die right away. Any help would be greatly appricated.

Thanks, rick.
system specs:
m.b. - asus rampage iii formula
cpu - intel i7 930
ram - corsair tr3x6g1600c8d
vid. - msi gtx 460
ssd. - kingston snv425-s2/64gb r
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  1. RMA the PSU, the hard drives could not have killed the PSU, it likely had a manufacturing defect that didnt show up on the first boot.
  2. Sounds like your PSU was just dying. USB will shutdown if it does not have enough power. If the HDD's were working before and have not had an accident (dropped) it is unlikely they are the cause for the issue.
  3. Ok, thanks for the input, I have a new ps on the way, I will reply here in a few days when i get the new ps installed.

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