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Hello again people.
Well the title says it all. I recently installed 2 hard drives into my computer. 1 is SSD with windows 8 and the other 1 was going to use for games, apps, etc. Have a look at the topic here ( ) The answer provides everything i did. When im in the BIOS screen my computer detects the SSD, HDD, and the CD rom. My boot priorities are #1 SSD # 2 HDD ( which has nothing on it ) but when i qo into windows and i go into my computer the only drive that is located is the SSD so how do i get the other drive on there? Also im a noob at this because i have never had 2 hard drives in the same computer. Also, both of my drives are in AHCI.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. Go into disk management and see if the drive shows here. You may have to initialize the disk and create a volume.
  2. The drive shows up in the manager along with my ssd. There is no option to initialize. In the events tab ( in the device manager ) it says : Disk started ( disk) and disk configured (disk.inf)
  3. Did you create a new simple volume within disk management as ss202sl suggested? If the drive is showing up as unallocated within disk management you need to create a volume to allocate the space.
  4. Yes, in the volumes tab i click "populate" then this list shows up: Disk: DISK 0
    Type: UKNOWN
    Status: NOT Initialised
    Partition style: NOT applicable
    capacity: 953870MB
    unallocated space: 0MB
    Reserved Space: 0MB

    I cant find the option to initialize.
  5. In the lower portion of disk management try right clicking on the drive and reformatting it to ntfs then recreate the simple volume using all the unallocated space. You should be seeing something similar to this:
  6. Thanks a lot it worked! Since there is no program files or any folder in it should i create one?
  7. No need too, just when you go to install programs pick that drive as the install location. You can create folders for music, videos, and documents if you like but how you manage the space on the drive is totally up to you. If you have space install programs and games you use a lot on the SSD since it will load programs much faster than the HDD.

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