Radeon 4830 CF vs 5770?

hi everybody,

I am thinking about upgrading from my old 4830 to an 5770. But now theres the thing, for about the same or probably even less money I could buy a new mobo and another 4830. After having looked at the review,


I'm thinking about CF. In most cases it actually really doubles the performance, way better that I originally thought. In crysis, in 1280x1024 it keeps up with the 4870 x2! :pt1cable:

I can find mobos as low as €40, and 4830s as low as 50-60 euros. total makes 100 instead of a 150 for a 5770.

so would this be a good option? I don't really care about dx 11, I run XP, and my power supply is able to handle it.

so what are your thoughts?
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  1. 5770 is not much of an upgrade performance wise...

    you may be better off going CF.
  2. get off the ancient xp, wait for new 6000 series in a couple months and get the middle series card of those ones.... dont invest into old tech imo
    you will care about dx 11 and windows 7 once you get it
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