How to format a computer RAM

I wanna format my laptop's RAM cause its slow
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  1. You don't format the RAM. I also don't suggest overclocking on a laptop because laptop gets hot easily. You can always reformat your drive > clean out any bloatware > regularly clean your system and defrag your files with CCleaner and Defraggler > have decent security to protect from virus/malwares such as AVG/AVAST/Avira/Microsoft Security Essential along with Malwarebyte. Last of all.. always have enough hard drive space... if it's filled then you will notice slower performance.
  2. Actually, it's not really formatting but there's a trick someone showed me to "clear the ram" and help speed up slow computers. I don't know if "clearing the ram" is a proper description of what is happening, but it does seem to work. Unplug the power, remove all batteries, and leave it alone for ten minutes or so. Then plug everything back in and fire it back up. I was told that random data can linger in the ram but ram can only store data when it has power, hence removing power sources helps "clear" that random data. I have no idea if that is anything close to what is actually happening, but it does seem to help on my (very) old dell D800.

    Edit: It occurred to me that maybe you just made a terminology mistake and you actually want to format the hard drive. If that's the case let us know.
  3. ya trick format RAM the same as by replacing ram larger size
  4. Need more FOOD, or in this case Information.
    (1) Slow - define, (A) the computer speed was ok and has just recently slowed down or (B) was it alwas slow or (C) It slowes down after several hours of operation.
    (2) Make and model of Laptop would be helpfull.
    (3) (A) How much ram is installed, (B) What Operating system are you using, and (C) How full is your HDD (How much "free" space do you have.

    Wintermint gave a good possible fix (starting Point).

    On danrais comment, Unlikely, but If it start out ok, but slows down after a couple of hours, yes you could have a memory leak problem and just rebooting would fix that - no need to remove battery ect.

    Ref henydiah: Yes, if you have less than 2 gigs of RAM, then if possible increase Ram. 1 gig was the OLD recommended, this has gone to 2 gigs and now 4 gigs recommend.
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