Moving only Windows 7 to SSD

Hey guys,

sorry if this question has been asked before, I did a search but am still noobish and didn't find the exact same question as I've had.

Here's my set up (Sabertooth Z77, i7 3770k, 16gb ddr, gtx 670 SC 4GB, 2 TB Seagate Black)

Here's my question. I have all my files, games, data as well as windows installed on my seagate. Recently purchased 128GB M4 SSD. I just want to be able to boot windows from my SSD, without it being my primary drive. I still want programs and downloads to go onto my seagate automatically. I'm sure there is a setting in bios, but thought I'd first ask how I'd go on about doing so before tinkering with it.

Thanks! sorries for being noobs
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    You'll need to install Windows on the SSD(and it will have to be primary), configure your program files directory and user directory and then re-install your apps. You'll probably want to backup your data from your hard drive, and then wipe it.
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