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OK, so here are the details. I am retired but worked as an electronics tech for 15 years. NOT a computer tech but have been building and troubleshooting computers for family and friends since the days of DOS. I don't do it very often so have to think things through every time I work on a computer. With my background adding a second HD on my wife's computer for backup (did this on my computer with no problem) should be easy but I am stuck.

She has a 160 GB IDE HD. Got a 320 GB SATA HD but want to make the SATA HD the C drive and use the IDE HD for backup. My plan was, in the appropriate order, to install the SATA HD, move the cable on the IDE HD to the other connector on the IDE cable (HD is on CABLE SELECT) so it would not be the C drive, change boot device to DVD drive and boot with Win 7 OS disk in drive. SATA should have come up as C, DVD drive should stay as D drive and the IDE should have come up as E drive. At least I think so. As I said, did this last year on my computer with not problems, except my computer has two SATA HD's.

Installed the SATA HD on SATA 2, DVD is on SATA 1, (should I change this?) but the SATA HD came up as the floppy disk A drive, (do not even have a floppy disk cable installed) the IDE HD came up still as the C drive and the DVD stayed as the D drive. I am doing something wrong, most likely related to having an IDE and a SATA drive in the same system or not having the SATA HD in SATA 1.

I know I can figure this out myself, EVENTUALLY, but thought I'd ask someone who knows the answer.

Both systems run Win 7 Pro.

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    Ok so assuming your motherboard has sata and IDE connectors this is how I would go about it. Unplug the IDE drive and plug in the sata drive. Put in the OS disk and select the optical drive for boot priority then install the OS. Once that is done turn off the computer and plug in the IDE drive then boot up. Now move any files yo want to off of the IDE to SATA and then format the IDE via disc management to get rid of the windows installation. Make sense?
  2. Thanks, Didn't think of disconnecting the IDE. My guess is then which SATA connection on the MB the SATA HD is connected to doesn't matter.

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