Intel Raid 5 migration

Hi guys

strange issue.
I moved 4 1tb blacks in raid 5 from my old x58 mb to my even older dp35dp mb.
I can access the array, and all the files are intact, but in the matrix storage i have a message that the array is incompatible.
here is the intel compatibility table:
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  1. From previous experience - best practice would be to backup the data to another drive, and reinitialize/partition/format the drive array on the new system, then restore the data.

    I have migrated many drives to secondary systems, and even if the controller is the same model, there can be issues with the drives. I didn't troubleshoot down to hardware, software, drivers, and/or the firmware....but if anything is different, you may not notice the problems until it is too late....and you lose data.

    It may even work 9 out of 10 you want to be the 1 that fails?
  2. I know that it is what i will probably will have to do, still i hope to find a solution.
    Backuping 2.6 tb of data is a problem....
    In Intel compatibility table it should work.
  3. I wish I had better news for you. I used to keep a 2TB external drive around for that reason....although, you will need 3TB. It might work well short term, but is the risk of losing your data worth the risk?
  4. Problem solved...I feel dumb, i just had to disable "intel rapid restore" in bios.
    Any way thanx for all the help guys
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