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Hey guys. I have an Xtech 17" LCD monitor (nvidia cp shows it as HKC782). On the box for the monitor it says it supports 1280x1024x75hz as the maximum resolution. Nvidia control panel also says the same. However, yesterday i connected it to my friend's PC and i could turn the resolution up to 1600x1200. After doing some googling I found out about powerstrip which said the maximum my monitor supports is 1600x1200x85hz. The highest it will go on my system is 1280x1024. Tried using powerstrip to make a custom monitor driver with the higher resolution but it doesn't work. Can anyone tell me what that's all about?

My friend has 8500gt with xp and I have 8800gtx with windows 7, both 32 bit.
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    I would say the monitor is not correctly recognized by your friend's PC for whatever reason. If the manufacturer states 1280x1024, then that should be the maximum resolution.

    Besides 1600x1200 for a 17" monitor seems a bit high. My old 19" Planar PX191's resolution was 1280x1024 which is standard for all 19" monitors.
  2. If it makes a difference, earlier i started my pc in safe mode and checked the resolution (thought maybe it was a driver issue) and it showed as high as 2048x1536. Monitor showed out of range message but still the option was there.
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