Better use of money for gaming: Crossfire or better CPU?

I'm in the process of building my first system. It will be used primarily for gaming and HD video editing. Given those tasks, would my money be better spent buying an x58/i7 system with one Radeon card, or a p55/i5 system with 2 radeons in crossfire? I realize that one option might cost a bit more than the other, but in general, which gives you more bank for your gaming buck? An i7 or crossfire?
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  1. for gaming I'd say the i5 and crossfire
  2. Depends a HD5870 or HD5770?

    What resolution? If you have 1920x1080 and a HD5870 then thats fine... Higher res or lower GPU then Crossfire.
  3. Just one screen at full HD, so yeah 1920x1080 I think. And I was looking at the cheaper 5850. My thinking is that going for the faster CPU would provide a better upgrade path, as I could easily add another ATI card somewhere down the line and do crossfire with something newer and faster. The crossfire cards don't have to be identical, right?
  4. Here is a Crossfire configure chart from AMD

    You can crossfire any brand, If you have a EVGA and a ASUS HD5850 they will work together fine

    If you have a HD5850 and a HD5870 they will work also.

    A HD5850 and 1080i will run most games great. If you can swing it get a SSD. That will make boot time and load times a lot faster. The can you get another HD5850 later if you want.
  5. Thank you, great chart. I was thinking of getting a small, 60gb SSD. What files would you recommend putting on there? OS, program files, games, with all media files going to a separate mechanical drive?
  6. actually, instead of an i5/i7, if you're doing heavy video editing, I'd suggest a 1055t 6-core.
  7. That looks like a great call. Sounds like hexacores are better for video editing. I'll look for some comparisons b/w the 1055t and the i7 950 (the other proc I was considering).
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